Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure effective government that supports, protects and respects the citizens of our community, commonwealth and country by advancing candidates, public officials and policies that promote basic Democratic values.


An open, inclusive organization that Democrats are proud to support, that positively impacts our community and that wins elections.

Our Goals

The Louisville-Jefferson County Democratic Party will work to:
  1. Recruit, train and support outstanding candidates who can win.
  2. Develop and strengthen grassroots organization to mobilize voters in support of Democratic candidates and issues.
  3. Improve the public’s understanding of Democratic principles, values and policies to attract contributors/supporters, volunteers and voters.
  4. Provide effective leadership to broaden the Democratic Party’s voter and support base.
  5. Develop and maintain a budget that complies with campaign finance regulations and allocates resources in a responsible and fair manner.

Russell Lloyd
– Chair


Allison Amon
– Vice-Chair













By Laws JCDP-15 – Jefferson County Democratic Party Bylaws