Save Kentucky Healthcare

Save Kentucky Healthcare, an effort led by former Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear, is committed to continuing Kentucky’s dramatic success in expanding health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Despite insuring half a million Kentuckians for the first time, partisan politics threatens to reverse Kentucky’s gains by dismantling the state’s model health exchange. Read more…

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Our Special Election Candidates

Kentucky is at a crossroads this year. The Republicans and their well-endowed special interests have our State House Majority in their crosshairs, and they will stop at nothing to make sure that the People’s House is no more than a rubberstamp for Governor Bevin’s retrogressive, extreme, and out-of-touch agenda. For years, and with your generous …

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Sannie Overly named new Kentucky Democratic Party chair

The Kentucky Democratic Party’s State Central Executive Committee unanimously voted state Rep. Sannie Overly as the Democrats’ new chairwoman in a meeting Saturday. Overly, a Paris Democrat who chairs the House of Representatives’ majority caucus and ran as the running mate of former Attorney General Jack Conway in an unsuccessful gubernatorial campaign last year, replaces …

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Kentucky’s Bizarre Attack on Health Reform

Gov. Matt Bevin of Kentucky is dismantling the state’s highly successful exchange on which people buy private health insurance policies or enroll inMedicaid under the Affordable Care Act. His shortsighted and pointless show of defiance against the Obama administration’s health care reforms could harm thousands of people in Kentucky, who may fall between the cracks …

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