Absentee, in-house voting to start Monday

Registered voters who will be out of Jefferson County on Nov. 8 for the general election can walk in and vote starting Monday, Sept. 26, at the new election headquarters in Suite 301 of the Edison Center, 701 W. Ormsby Ave. The so-called absentee voting will be available weekdays through Nov. 7 from 8:30 a.m. …

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Comment | ‘Keen and constant vigilance’ of Bevin

[T]he true value of our wonderful Waterfront Park is the diversity of the children and families enjoying the park. Kids of all ages and colors chased each other, played games, ate snacks, laughed, and took turns spinning the merry go round. So I have to ask, why would our Republican governor, Matt Bevin, veto the …

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Top 15 House Races to Watch

In yet another election cycle Democrats in Kentucky’s state House find their backs against the wall in their attempt to retain majority control in the last Democratically controlled chamber in the southern United States. There are multiple open seat races this election cycle which are worth paying attention to as potential pick-ups in an unsettled …

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Philosophical divide evident at Medicaid oversight meeting

As Gov. Matt Bevin prepared to ask federal officials to let him change the state’s Medicaid program, a discussion at a legislative committee meeting offered a glimpse of the philosophical differences between the political parties, through a window that showed the two mindsets at work. [State Senator Morgan] McGarvey asked the administration officials why they …

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