State Convention Election Results

At-Large National Delegates (from Jefferson Co.) Gerald Neal Olivia Fuchs Jennifer Moore At-Large State Central (from Jefferson Co.) Jeff Noble Reggie Meeks Vitalis Lanshima National Delegates (KY-3) Sanders: Emily Boone Maria Kupper Evan Westphal Kyle West Clinton: Queenie Averette Patty Stocker David Tandy James Stammerman Carl Bensinger Elector Cheri Bryant Hamilton Attica Scott (alternate) State …

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Congressional District and State Conventions

Congressional District Convention/Caucus 10:00am & State Convention – Saturday, June 4th. 2:00pm Kentucky Expo Center, South Wing B, 937 Phillips Lane Doors open at 8:00 am. Upon entering the lobby of South Wing B, locate the table for your Congressional District (1 through 6). This is where you will pick up your credentials. You will …

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Clinton Edges Sanders in Kentucky Primary

In what appears to be a photo finish, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has unofficially won Kentucky’s Democratic presidential primary. The race was so close that Clinton will split the state’s 55 delegates with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. Read more…

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Highlands Race Goes To Wire; Council Incumbents Go Unbeaten

Louisville Metro Council incumbents went unbeaten in Tuesday’s primary election. And in a razor-close race, attorney S. Brandon Coan bested entrepreneur Stephen Reily by only 125 votes in the Highlands’ District 8. David James, a Democrat representing District 6, and Barbara Shanklin, a Democratic representative in District 2, each fended off challengers to hang onto their seats. With …

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